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Cable Runway

SWDP's Cable Runway supports cable pathway routes between equipment rooms, top feed connections on open racks and enclosed cabinets in the data center environment. Our comprehensive system includes complete hardware, accessories and support options.

Features include:

  • Constructed completely of welded rectangular steel tubing for both stringers and rungs.
  • High load ratings
  • Individually boxed to prevent scratching and damage
  • Meets or exceeds ANSI/TIA/EIA installation guidelines for support
  • Integrates with SWDP's cable management products and cabinets

Cable Runway

Tubular construction and a wide selection of cable management additions to make certain all possible installations are manageable.

  • Welded tubular steel construction (no formed rungs)
  • High load ratings up to 135 lbs if supported at 5' intervals
  • Individually boxed to insure your ladder rack arrives unscratched

Cable Runway Accessories

A complete compliment of accessories, bends, radius bends, support products, junctions and splices.

  • Designed to meet all structural needs
  • Attachments to connect Cable Runway to the wall, ceiling, floor or tops of racks and cabinets