Pathway Support Structures

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Agile and Scalable Data Center Structures

Advanced Aisle™
Support Structure
System Features
  • Integrated Hot or Cold Aisle Containment Systems
  • Self-supporting floor-mounted design eliminates roof loads
  • Up to 75% cost savings over traditional systems
  • Typical ROI of 12 months or less
  • Modular and scalable design allows for easy in-center expansion
  • Accommodates “Rack & Roll” cabinet implementation

Support Structure System

Welcome to ADVANCED AISLE™, the better way to build containment/pathway infrastructure. Using pre-engineered and easy-install components, we build scalable structures that employ weight-bearing engineering features that eliminate the need for costly structural, grid, or roof support systems. We also pre-fabricate your entire containment structure at our factory to facilitate rapid on-site deployment by our installation team, saving you valuable time and money. At SWDP, our engineers will custom-design your build to fit any site configuration and deliver on-target solutions that meet your needs. That’s what Building Better is all about.
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Top 10 Features of a successful data center white space physical layer build

When designing your Data Center White Space, expandability, modularity, security planning, and future needs are all critical factors to success that require integrated considerations for Cabinets & Racks, Security Caging, Cooling Containment and Pathway Infrastructure.