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A cabinet for every application.

Cabinet Systems
Always Feature:
  • Modular construction and design
  • Structural welded construction
  • UL Listed
  • High load ratings up to 4,000 lbs
  • Seismic-rated and certified for ALL floor cabinets
  • Cable management, power distribution and
    cooling accessories available
  • Customizable to meet your needs

DC Series

Our DC Series is the Data Center Standard for high-capacity, high-weight load rated, feature rich cabinets.

These deployable, Seismic and UL-rated cabinets are fully welded, pre-assembled, and come standard with features such as recessed PDU Cavities, and are configurable with or without doors, sides and tops to provide a truly modular scalable solution.
  • Fully Welded HD Tubular Steel Frames
  • High weight load capacities, both static and dynamic
  • Built-in recessed PDU cavities to move PDUs out of the rack space
  • High-Flow doors
  • Hot/cold aisle compatible

Ten-N-5 Series

In the quest for higher density, this is the perfect cabinet.

Our Ten-N-5 Cabinet Series is the most Innovative Cabinet Series ever created to maximize your footprint and densities. Our revolutionary design allows you to have traditional 42/45/48/50 RU cabinet heights and yet provide 54/57/60/62 RU in actual usable space.
  • Up to 12RU additional rack space without increasing traditional cabinet height
  • Densities up to 50KW per rack
  • Fully welded deployable design rated at 4,000 lbs dynamic and transportable loads.
  • Full accessories include cable management, doors/sides and top
  • Network versions available

Multiple Compartment
(CoLo) Series

Need multi-tenant expandable configurations? Our CoLo Series cabinets are convertible from a single-compartment cabinet to 8-compartment enclosures that are Seismic & UL Listed to provide secure compartments and cable/power pathways.
  • Up to 8 Compartments
  • 3,000 lb. Load Rating
  • Separate Built-in Secured Pathways for Each Compartment
  • Convertible to more/fewer compartments in the field.

2-Post & 4-Post Racks
and Accessories

Support your network equipment in a feature-rich environment of unrestricted access with SWDP's wide range of Open Rack Products, High-Density Cable Management Options, and a full line of accessories.
  • Space Saving Designs
  • Unrestricted Open Designs
  • Extensive Cable Management Options
  • High Weight Load Capacities
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Top 10 Features of a successful data center white space physical layer build

When designing your Data Center White Space, expandability, modularity, security planning, and future needs are all critical factors to success that require integrated considerations for Cabinets & Racks, Security Caging, Cooling Containment and Pathway Infrastructure.