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Built with constructability and security in mind, SWDP’s rugged Reconfigurable Data Center Cage Systems reduce installation costs, offer the ultimate configuration flexibility, and ensure a highly secure trouble-free build.

Data Center
Cages Feature:
  • High security construction
  • Modular panels, posts, doors and components ensure scalability and virtually unlimited layout and height possibilities
  • Ceiling and under-floor security options
  • Mulitple door access control options
  • One-way hardware assembly speeds installation
  • Multiple color and mesh combinations available
  • Full design team support for every cage build

Our caging system offers unparalleled design, features, and economies for MDF/IDF/MMR locations and Multi-Tenant Data Center Operations sites.

Optional designs include welded & woven mesh, solid & punched panels, and our Patent-Pending High-Security Louver Panel System that allows airflow and sight privacy, all interchangeable in the Data Center. Our stack-panel design allows any conceivable height cage, plus the ability to add under-raised access floor caging and secure roof systems.

SWDP's Reconfigurable Data Center Cages

  • Provides secure Multi-Tenant Data Center (MTDC), colocation site and
    equipment room security
  • Scalable and modular design
  • Multiple standard height and widths
  • Ceiling and underfloor systems available
  • Swinging, sliding and self-closing door options
  • “One-way” hardware assembly reduces installation time
  • Access control options
  • Standard in-stock powder coated colors with custom color availability
  • Easy configuration by SWDP’s design team

SWDP's Reconfigurable
Data Center Louver Cages

  • Provides high-security and high site restriction without restricting airflow through cage wall
  • Scalable and modular design
  • Swinging, sliding and self-closing door options
  • “One way” hardware assembly reduces installation time
  • Easy configuration by SWDP’s design team
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When designing your Data Center White Space, expandability, modularity, security planning, and future needs are all critical factors to success that require integrated considerations for Cabinets & Racks, Security Caging, Cooling Containment and Pathway Infrastructure.