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Innovative Data Center Infrastructure Solutions

SWDP’s total customizable approach to Data Center rack, cabinet and containment solutions, does NOT have to be costly nor time consuming. In fact, our ability to produce custom solutions in a matter of a few weeks, rather than months as other manufactures require, place us in a category of our own: An agile, aggressive, solutions based, 100% U.S. manufacturer of the best custom solutions available and without the custom price.

Our ability to examine, listen, create and then manufacture the best possible solution, in a expeditious manner, while doing so at a lower cost of an “off the shelf” product sets us apart. Not only do you get the best possible solution, you get it fast and without the “premium” costs…

Advanced Aisle tm Containment System

Data/Telecommunication Products

For over 25 years, Southwest Data Products has been the innovator in equipment mounting solutions for all networking equipment rooms and data centers. Southwest Data Products continues to be the industry leader in providing the highest quality, forward thinking products combined with the most aggressive price points, while providing unsurpassed customer service and delivery. Our line of products includes free-standing cabinets, wall mounted cabinets, file server units, equipment racks, cable management products, cable runway and accessories to include power distribution and cooling products.