Pathway Products

We’ve got you covered with an integrated system of Ladder Racking, Basket Tray, and Cable Runway components that offer a wide range of routing and support options for
cable, fiber, and power in your Data Center.

SOHO Server Network
Racks and Wall Units

Since introducing the very first double hinged wall cabinet over 30 years ago, SWDP has continued to expand its line of SOHO cabinets and racks to include Server, Network, and Zone consolidation cabinets to fit every need.

Data Center Cages

Built with constructability and security in mind, SWDP’s rugged Reconfigurable Data Center Cage Systems reduce installation costs, offer the ultimate configuration flexibility, and ensure a highly secure trouble-free build.

Airflow Containment Systems

Our ADVANCED AISLE™ Airflow Containment Systems are designed to deliver maximum energy efficiencies by optimizing real-time hot/cold air separation, which significantly improves the performance of your center’s cooling system and reduces energy costs without a large CAPEX expense.