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Wall and Ceiling Units

Since introducing the very first double hinged wall cabinet over 25 years ago, SWDP's wall unit offering has expanded to include reversible zone consolidation cabinets, open wall swings, heavy duty wall racks, multi-mount zone cabinets and a full line of wall brackets.

We have dominated the K-12 school marketplace by providing the highest quality, most cost effective solutions to zone cabling MDF & IDF wall cabinets. So much so we are widely considered the absolute leader in this market where public funds must be utilized wisely.

Our open wall swings provide the most economical wall mount options. With our space saving IDF Series, you can mount equipment in a vertical orientation to reduce intrusion into the room.

As always, we continue to provide unique and useful solutions and always at an aggressive price structure with amazing availability!

4000 Series

UL Listed Dual Swing Zone Consolidation Wall Cabinets provides a lockable secure environment outside the network room with the features you would expect from SWDP.

  • Welded steel construction
  • Many height/depth combinations
  • Rails adjust to different depths
  • Field reversible doors
  • Lift off sections allow one person installation
  • Multiple cable entrance options provided
  • Ventilated sides

450 Series

UL Listed Double Hinged Sub-D Wall cabinets come with a variety of options and accessories. Heavy weight load capacities provide a secure environment.

  • Welded steel construction
  • Many height/depth combinations
  • Rails adjust to different depths
  • Full length welded piano hinged sections
  • Plex doors have extruded aluminum frames
  • Cable entrance provided

LDF Series

SWDP's unique and innovative UL Listed IDF Wall Cabinets provides vertically oriented rack space to keep equipment from extending into a room. It incorporates a fold down rail section that holds patch panels and provides punch down accessibility and front patching. A vertically oriented rail system allows for deep equipment to hang vertically, thereby saving space.

  • Equipment rail section adjust to different equipment sizes
  • Patch panel rack space hinges down to provide access to rear of panels
  • Field reversible doors
  • Multiple cable entrance points that include WM 4000 raceway on all sides
  • UL listed and UL 1950 compliant
  • Built-in cable management tie points

Multi-Mount Zone Cabinet

Our 6000 Series cabinets have that "front office furniture" look that allows placement in areas that require a secure wall cabinet. Its' telescoping 19" rack pull out section provides optimal access to networking equipment and an additional rack space for passive equipment.

  • Houses both 19" cross connect panels and active network equipment in one cabinet
  • Formed, aesthetically pleasing, locking smoked Plexiglas front door
  • Lockable removable side panels enable complete access
  • Telescoping active rack space mounts equipment in a space saving vertical orientation
  • Vented construction and multiple cable entrance provisions included

Wall Mounted Swing Racks

Aggressively priced, our wall Mounted Swing Racks provide a solid well made wall swing that provides complete access to networking equipment.

  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Front swing gate swings from either right or left
  • Integrated strain relief tie off points allow for flexible cable management
  • Tapped holes on swing frame are roll formed for superior strength
  • Ships in knock-down flat packaging to save shipping costs but assembles in minutes
  • Multiple height / depth options

Wall Mounted Equipment Rack

A fixed wall rack for superior higher weight equipment support in an open wall rack.

  • High strength steel construction
  • Holds 200 lbs of equipment
  • Various height/depth combinations
  • Roll formed tapped holes for superior strength
  • Easy to assemble

Flush Mounted Wall Bracket

A space saving design mounts equipment vertically close to wall.

  • High strength formed steel construction
  • 19" rack holes are roll formed threaded for superior strength

Hinged Wall Unit

A 19" hinged wall unit that allows panels to swing out from wall.

  • High strength steel construction
  • Full length piano hinges provide maximum strength
  • Reversible left or right swing